1 November, at 16.00, will be opened in Dnipropetrovsk Art Museum

the exhibition project “Effect”, where the works of students of the “free development of Schools’ Spiritual Ludmila

In the project “Effect” took several women between the ages of 14 and 65 years, who devote their free time painting.

For some time, these non-professional artist copied the favorite works of famous French artists: Manet, Monet, Morisot, Sisley, Bazille, Degas, Van Gogh. Then, as a spiritual experiment Lyudmila invited its female students to create a copy of the same canvas. Copies of each picture Spiritual placed in a common frame (1350h70), creating multipolotna. “United in one frame, create drawings of identity effect, however, came closer, we can see how much they differ in the details,” – he says the project manager Lyudmila spiritual.

One of the most famous examples of multizobrazhennya have a portrait of Marilyn Monroe brush American artist of Ukrainian origin of Andy Warhol. Painting, in the framework of the project “Effect”, different from Warhol’s work that created them several authors.

The exhibition project “Effect” will run at the Art Museum until 30 November.

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