October 30 media center held a press conference “The state of the currency market in Ukraine”

The press conference was attended by:

• President of the Association “Dnipro bank union” Vladimir Kosyuga

Vladimir Kosyuga said:

As of today, the situation is clear and absolutely predictable. A similar situation was in September this year, when the demand exceeded supply. Ukrainian society is in the electoral process. Therefore, until the publication of the data of the CEC that the elections are over, there is a lull in the economic markets. The moment of silence are all trying to protect their savings and tradition are trying to convert their savings into foreign currency.

Banks are not sitting in the foreign exchange savings, so if the dollar in the bank no one is, then sell it to the bank can not. Prior to November 10 will be observed this situation. Once the parliament is formed, the situation calmed down the currency market.

I would like to say that if you saw that in front of you someone is losing currency in the bank cashier, and you to it then refuse to sell, you can fix this violation and to contact the regional office National Bank, as, according to the instructions of the bank has no right to refuse to sell the currency if it is available at the box office.