Question reduce the amount of energy consumed is now more relevant than ever, because time is unlimited and cheap energy and finished way out of this situation is the energy savings. More than seventy years we have built a new country, confident in the fact that its natural resources are inexhaustible. Energy industry, agriculture, housing and utilities sector of the country of the Soviets was in last place. According to this principle, and we lived in an independent Ukraine, which led to the current disastrous situation in energy saving. Indeed, in Ukraine, only 43.1% of energy is used efficiently, according to the energy efficiency rating of the data regions Ukraine Energy Index, which was presented in Kiev company System Capital Management, shareholder is Rinat Akhmetov. The originator’s rating made analytical center “Bureau of Economic and Social Technologies”.

ITER Drucker, a prominent theorist and management consulting practices of the twentieth century, said: “You can only manage what you can measure.” The main contribution of the rating is that it allows you to measure the energy efficiency of individual regions and Ukraine in general.

UEI-ranking in 2012 compared to the efficiency of the final energy consumption in the 26 regions of Ukraine for 2007-2010. It was based energy analysis methodology developed by the International Energy Agency, and served as a benchmark the average power consumption in the European Union industry. Also, for the first time we used a set of energy efficiency indicators for the largest energy consumers: industries, agriculture, services, construction, transport sector and the housing sector.

ervye three places in the ranking of Ukraine Energy Index in 2012 occupied Vinnitsa, Kherson and Transcarpathian region. Their energy efficiency amounted to 65.5%, 64.7% and 62.4% of the EU level. Experts agree that one of the factors contributing to the high position of these regions is that they are practically no energy-intensive industries. Vinnytsia region wins the palm for the second year in a row. Governor Nikolai Gigha said that tremendous work on warming the premises of schools, hospitals, kindergartens, boiler replacement management was carried out over two years with a view to a greater heat loss can be reduced and cost savings.

Weight worthwhile largest energy consumers – industry and housing sector – 58% and 29%, respectively. If Ukraine for energy efficiency closer to the European level, the country would be able to save energy, the volume of which according to various estimates equals 34 billion. Cubic meters of natural gas. The savings from a more rational use of energy resources could amount to about 14 billion. Euros for the gas prices. The full version of the rating can be viewed on the website

eychas our country is taking its first, but quite confident steps on the way to the efficient use of energy resources. During the presentation of the rating, Director of Public Relations and Communications SCM Natalia Yemchenko said that the energy efficiency of SCM has become a truly corporate idea.

2011 SCM investments in environmental protection and energy efficiency amounted to about 5.5 billion. UAH. The main areas of energy efficiency for SCM are: modernization of production facilities, the introduction of energy saving technologies in our plants and partnership with regional authorities, aimed at increasing energy efficiency. So, with many cities we have signed an agreement on social partnership, which include the implementation of a number of energy saving projects at the city level.
Natal Yemchenko notes that the effort is not enough just business, it is important that the idea of energy efficiency has been a national idea. Rating UEI there may be a starting point in the journey of our country in energoberezhlivoe sustainable and energy-efficient future.